Distributed Generation: What's 'Happening' in Kansas?


Do you know where your power comes from?

Do you know if your utility offers a clean energy program?

What would it take to convert your home or business to solar power? 

Through a series of film screenings and workshops in Kansas communities, the Climate + Energy Project hopes to get more Kansans thinking and talking about the state’s solar and wind energy potential.


What is distributed generation and what are some of it's benefits? Click on the image below to hear Mark Horst from King Solar, explain. Don't stop there! Sign up to attend one of the events in the state.



 (Link to video)

Each of the distributed generation events will include an evening screening of "Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution,” a film by Jamie Redford that tracks his journey as he learns about clean energy, followed by a panel discussion and question-and-answer session with audience members.



During workshops the next morning, participants can learn more in-depth information about distributed generation—the term for technologies such as solar panels or wind turbines that generate electricity at or near where it will be used.



A discussion guide, "Shaping the Future: How Should Kansas Adapt to the Growth of Rooftop Solar?” published in June 2017 by the Kansas Leadership Center, outlines the issues surrounding distributed generation.

The Climate + Energy Project and the Clean Business Energy Council will present the events with host organizations in each community. Stay tuned for details!


If you're interested in attending these events, please click here to be notified when locations and dates are finalized.