Significant bipartisan support against petition to kill net metering

8 days ago | Jun 26, 2020

Sending out a big high-five for all the great work in submitting public comments to FERC in opposition to the NERA petition to kill net metering. Three hundred and twenty Kansans filed comments with 57,000 filed nationwide! » Blog

Andrew French Nominated to Kansas Corporation Commission

22 days ago | Jun 12, 2020

The Climate + Energy Project knows Andrew French through his work at the Kansas Corporation Commission and in private practice. He is knowledgeable and experienced on energy policy and a fair-minded individual with the skills to lead...

Climate + Energy Project Statement on Racial Justice

30 days ago | Jun 04, 2020

As the Climate + Energy Project works to create a healthy and resilient Kansas, we understand that climate justice, environmental justice, and racial justice are critical to realizing this vision. To that end, we support all efforts to...

Coming together to support our community

2 months ago | May 19, 2020

CEP staff work hard, but we also take care of our people. From increasing our online engagement and helping our partners to prioritizing the well-being of our team, we’re doing our best...

Keep up the good work, Kansas!

2 months ago | May 12, 2020

In normal times, we’d be wrapping up the legislative session and gearing up for our summer outreach, but Covid 19 had other plans. It’s hard to celebrate when times are tough, but it’s more important than ever. Good things...