Support Distributed Generation in Kansas

2 years ago | May 09, 2017
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director
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The Kansas Corporation Commission is exploring changes to utility rates that will make energy more expensive for residential solar and small wind customers. The Commission is accepting public comments on the issues discussed in the case until 5:00 p.m., May 26, 2017 - reference Docket 16-GIME-403-GIE in your comment.

CEP is advocating for an open and transparent process to thoroughly and thoughtfully determine what our energy future should look like. Unfortunately others are advocating for a new demand charge that will raise rates on customers who generate their own energy.

With such a small number of self-generators (less than 700 across the state) we don't need to rush the process. Rushing the process could result in long lasting and unintended consequences - including slowing deployment of emerging technology, discouraging innovation, reducing customer control over electricity costs, and disproportionately harming low-use and low-income customers.

At issue is what cost impacts, if any, Distributed Generation (DG) customers have on non-DG customers and if there is a net cost or net benefit to the utility system. Let the KCC know you want them to follow a good rate design process when determining our energy future!

Make your voice heard here right now, or for more information about the Generic Distributed Generation docket, visit our website or download an overview.