WINDPOWER: wind energy from a national perspective

12 months ago | Jun 12, 2017
By: Olga Khakova

CEP’s Clean Energy Business Council assisted with the KS Department of Commerce’s booth at the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) WindPower annual conference.  As attendees stopped by the booth to admire the map of Kansas...

Legislative Happenings

12 months ago | Jun 06, 2017
By: Mallory Copeland, CEP legislative intern
During the spring semester I served as CEP's legislative intern. I watched several bills debated in committee, some that became laws, and some that fell a bit short...

Calling All Environmental Leaders!

1 year ago | May 28, 2017
By: Rachel Myslivy, Program Director
Let’s face it.  We’ve all got issues.  At the Climate + Energy Project, we’ve historically focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Lately, we’ve expanded our work to include climate resilience and health equity....

Final call for public comments in the KCC DG Docket

1 year ago | May 23, 2017
CEP starts livestreaming

Support Distributed Generation in Kansas

1 year ago | May 09, 2017
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director

The Kansas Corporation Commission is exploring changes to utility rates that will make energy more expensive for residential solar and small wind customers. The Commission is accepting public comments on the issues...