winding up the week

11 years ago | Jan 18, 2008
Big story on coal from the LA Times. A selection of quotables:
America's headlong rush to tap its enormous coal reserves for electricity has slowed abruptly, with more than 50 proposed coal-fired power plants in 20 states canceled or delayed... website is registered to Sunflower Electric

11 years ago | Jan 17, 2008
Just up in DeSmogBlog - I will reprint here in its entirety:
Kansas coal kings have set up another front group to fight back against an October decision to block construction of two coal-fired electricity generators. The Alliance for...

morning news updates

11 years ago | Jan 17, 2008
Here's one note on the energy special interests money flying around KS right now - yesterday, the state ethics commission declared that anti-coal, pro-natural gas group Know Your Power, sponsored by Chesapeake Gas, was a lobbying group....


11 years ago | Jan 17, 2008

BY NANCY JACKSON reprinted from the Wichita Eagle, 1/17/2008 In Kansas energy debates, we have heard a lot lately about "regulatory uncertainty." But what does that mean, exactly? Sunflower Electric Power Corp. CEO Earl Watkins has...

science, pseudo-science, climate change, and the legislative process

11 years ago | Jan 16, 2008
CEP has been informed that Kansas legislators - all? some? don't know, hopefully a reporter or two will pick up on this and then ask around - received a very interesting book in their box yesterday - Fred Singer, Unstoppable Global Warming:...