Legislative Update: Advocates Will Testify Today At Statehouse On Two Clean Energy Bills

8 months ago | Feb 06, 2018
The Senate Utilities Committee will consider bills on net metering and energy efficiency programs.

Action Alert: Encourage Kansas legislators to support clean energy bills

9 months ago | Feb 02, 2018
Action alert to encourage public comment on two bills before the Kansas Senate Utilities Committee.

Legislative Update: Hearing Scheduled On Net Metering Bill

9 months ago | Jan 30, 2018
By: CEP Staff,
A look at upcoming policy discussions and events.

Join Us for Kansas WEALTH Day 2018 - RSVP today!

9 months ago | Jan 23, 2018
By: CEP Staff,

Kansas WEALTH Day brings together 
organizations, advocates, and legislators 
to connect on Water, Energy, Air, Land, Transportation, and Health - 
Kansas WEALTH!  

Join Kansans from across the...


9 months ago | Jan 22, 2018
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director