Solar Education Week - Kansas Solar

2 years ago | Apr 19, 2019
As of 2018 Kansas had around 900 jobs available in the solar industry. A majority of these jobs, 627, are in installation, with the other major contributors to the total in manufacturing, wholesale or distribution, operations and maintenance. When I look at the number 896 I think: this such a small number compared to other industries. However, in looking at the solar industry as a whole it becomes easier to see the bigger picture, which shows there is vast room to grow in solar energy.

Highlights from WEALTH Day 2019

2 years ago | Mar 27, 2019


On March 12, 2019, Kansans from across the State joined together to learn about and advocate for Water, Energy, Air, Land, Transportation, and Health (WEALTH) policies.  


Attendees visited and learned from leading...

CEP Supports KCC Nominee Susan Duffy

2 years ago | Mar 24, 2019
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director

The Climate + Energy Project is pleased to support Susan Duffy as Governor Kelly’s nominee for Commissioner of the Kansas Corporation Commission. As General Manager of the Topeka Metro Transit Authority, Duffy’s team created the Metro...

Clean Energy Business Council Reaches Agreement with Evergy

2 years ago | Mar 22, 2019
Both parties find common ground in effort to address residential solar opportunities

Last Call for to Register for WEALTH Day

2 years ago | Mar 06, 2019
Last Call to Register for WEALTH Day is Thursday, March 7th.