Legislative Update: Turnaround Nears

2 years ago | Feb 20, 2018

Statehouse Efforts Continue on Clean Energy Bills

Two clean energy bills remain in the works as the Kansas Legislature moves toward turnaround on Thursday, when most bills need to be passed out of their house of origin.

The Climate...

Legislative Update: Advocates Will Testify Today At Statehouse On Two Clean Energy Bills

2 years ago | Feb 06, 2018
The Senate Utilities Committee will consider bills on net metering and energy efficiency programs.

Action Alert: Encourage Kansas legislators to support clean energy bills

2 years ago | Feb 02, 2018
Action alert to encourage public comment on two bills before the Kansas Senate Utilities Committee.

Legislative Update: Hearing Scheduled On Net Metering Bill

2 years ago | Jan 30, 2018
By: CEP Staff,
A look at upcoming policy discussions and events.


2 years ago | Jan 22, 2018
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director

Commissioners will hear customer concerns at today's public hearing on the Westar/KCP&L...