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Save Kansas Solar Update

1 year ago | May 06, 2019
By: Jamie Hofling

At the start of the 2019 Kansas legislative session the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), a project of the Climate + Energy Project, introduced SB 124 to remove demand charges on solar customers that were approved by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) last fall. 


On March 21, 2019, the CEBC announced that Evergy (Westar & KCP&L) had agreed to file a new tariff with the KCC grandfathering Westar customers who installed solar prior to 10/1/2018 and KCP&L customers who installed prior to12/20/18, into the old rate thereby eliminating their demand charges. 


Evergy agreed to file this new tariff before Kansas solar customers become subject to summer demand rate charges of $9 per kWh of demand. It is expected that once the tariff is filed the process will not take long before taking effect. To date, the new tariff has not yet been filed with the KCC. 


The agreement in March included a commitment by Evergy to collaborate with the CEBC to find reasonable solutions that allow the solar industry to grow. The CEBC has reached out to Evergy to schedule dates to begin working on these solutions and is awaiting a response from Evergy.


At their request, the CEBC is keeping the Kansas Senate Utilities Committee abreast of how communications, or lack thereof, are going between the CEBC and Evergy.


Stay tuned!




Your Voice Matters

Why is it important to protect and grow the solar industry in Kansas?


As a student of a solar installation program, it's important to me that we protect and grow the solar industry in Kansas so that I and my peers can find employment here in Kansas. Currently, due to unfair solar policies in Kansas most of us have to relocate to Nebraska or elsewhere for work. This shouldn't be the case, Kansas should be utilizing its potential and embracing solar energy the way we did with wind power.


- Tanner Murphy

Cloud County Community College

Renewable Energy Student



Tanner Murphy at the statehouse addressing the Save Kansas Solar Rally, March of 2019.


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  1. Michelle M Stottlemire's avatar Michelle M Stottlemire

    Unfortunately, Evergy is still billing qualified customers for the demand charges. Our solar array was connected in spring of 2017 and we continue to be charged monthly demand charges at the higher $9 kwh rate. I've contact my legislators, Westar, and the KCC in hopes someone will be able to pressure Evergy into upholding their end of the compromise.

    #1 – 3 August, 2019 at 8:59 am

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