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Dorothy Barnett

CEP Supports KCC Nominee Susan Duffy

2 years ago | Mar 24, 2019
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director

The Climate + Energy Project is pleased to support Susan Duffy as Governor Kelly’s nominee for Commissioner of the Kansas Corporation Commission. As General Manager of the Topeka Metro Transit Authority, Duffy’s team created the Metro Bikes program, a fun and healthy way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Last month, the Metro announced electric scooters may soon be another way to get around Topeka. This type of innovation happens when you have a manager who understands how technology can create value for not only the users but the city as a whole.

Another example of Susan Duffy’s support for technological advances can be seen in the Topeka Metro Transit Authority’s exploration of electric buses. Duffy was quoted recently saying "fuel is the most costly component for the Metro and the transition to electric buses can cut down on costs and pollution. They lessen our carbon footprint. There is no emission from them, and further, we won’t have to buy gasoline diesel with these buses”.

Her efforts to make public transportation more equitable and accessible include programs that provide discounts to family-friendly activities, kids riding free, families riding free over spring break, and reliable para transit.

In addition to the innovative work Duffy has brought to the Topeka Metro, she has more than ten years’ experience at the Kansas Corporation Commission. As a former executive director of the KCC, Duffy understands the dynamics of the agency and as well as the important role Commissioners can play in setting a culture that is open and transparent.

The Climate + Energy Project is pleased Governor Kelly chose a nominee with such a rich history of management and innovation, someone who knows the agency.  We look forward to working with Susan Duffy and the KCC to create a Kansas Energy Plan to establish a clear vision and actionable strategies that can guide the state’s climate and energy decision making over the next ten years.


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