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Legislative Update: Advocates Will Testify Today At Statehouse On Two Clean Energy Bills

2 years ago | Feb 06, 2018

Advocates Will Testify Today At Statehouse On Two Clean Energy Bills 

The Climate + Energy Project and other proponents of two clean energy bills will testify this afternoon (Tuesday, February 6) before the Kansas Senate Utilities Committee. The hearing begins at 1:30 p.m. in Room 548 South at the Statehouse.
The committee will hear testimony on two bills:
  • Senate Bill 322 would encourage solar and other distributed generation systems in Kansas by nullifying changes made in 2014 to the Net Metering and Easy Connection Act, which applies only to investor-owned utilities.

    SB 322 returns reasonable size limits (25kw for residential customers and 200kw for commercial and industrial customers, plus schools, cities, and churches) and gives customers one-to-one credit for the generation they create and use annually. It also keeps the 1% net meter cap to protect utilities and returns protection to customers from being charged additional fees just because they self-generate some of their electricity.

  • Senate Bill 347 would establish energy-efficiency goals for Kansas utilities, including annual reductions in natural gas and electricity use starting in 2019.

    SB 347 would apply to Kansas public electric or natural gas utilities that are regulated by the Kansas Corporation Commission. All states with lower rates surrounding Kansas have policies in place (either with goals or mandates) that support utility investments in energy efficiency.
The committee will hear from opponents of the bills at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 7, in the same room at the Statehouse.

Updates From The Clean Energy Business Council

Applications are due Friday, February 9, for one seat on the Kansas Corporation Commission. Applications or nominations can be submitted online.

Updates From The Kansas Rural Center

The Climate + Energy Project is a sponsor of the weekly Policy Watch, produced by the Kansas Rural Center. Issues highlighted in the recent Policy Watch include:
Noxious weeds: The House Agriculture Committee has scheduled a hearing at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, February 8, on House Bill 2583, which would change the state's noxious weed law. The bill would take the declaration of noxious weeds away from the Legislature and give that authority to the Secretary of Agriculture along with a state noxious weed advisory committee. The Secretary of Agriculture would have special emergency powers to declare any plant a noxious weed for up to 18 months without the approval of the advisory committee or issuing a rule and regulation.

Corporate agriculture: Senate Bill 337 would give residents in a county the right to petition to stop large poultry processing facilities (more than 250,000 birds annually).  The bill would bring the poultry industry under the same public scrutiny as hog and dairy facilities, as county residents can petition for a local vote on those types of facilities.

Read more in the latest Policy Watch from the Kansas Rural Center online.

Kansas WEALTH Policy, Civic Engagement, and You!

Watch live at 2 p.m. Tuesdays or later on the Climate + Energy Project's Facebook page as guests from Kansas organizations discuss Water, Energy, Air, Land, Transportation, and Health (WEALTH) issues-and how you can share your thoughts with policymakers!

This week's Facebook live event features Paul Johnson of the Kansas Rural Center. Click here for a complete schedule and more information.

And mark your calendar for WEALTH Day on March 15 at the Kansas Statehouse when you can learn more about and advocate for WEALTH issues. RSVP now!


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