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Rachel Myslivy

This one simple trick will save money on your electricity bills. (No, seriously!)

4 years ago | Feb 01, 2016
By: Rachel Myslivy, Program Director
Stop.  Look.  Listen.  How much energy are you using? 
Stop what you are doing!  Close your eyes, count to three, then start reading again.

Look around the room.  Now count:
How many lights are on?
How many appliances are running?  Is the TV on?  The radio in the other room?
Is your faucet dripping?  Do you hear the toilet running?  
Ok, admit it.  Your phone cord is plugged in, but not charging anything.  D'oh!

It's so easy to use energy or water that most of us don't give it a second thought.  

So why should you bother?  Because using energy more efficiently is one of the easiest ways to reduce CO2, lower your energy bills, and put some cold, hard cash back in your pocket.  cha-ching!

Thinking about energy and water use is the first step towards efficiency.  If you're not using it, turn it off.  Shut off the faucet when you're brushing your teeth, turn off lights when you're not in a room.   Before you know it, it'll become second nature.  

But don't stop there!  Investing in energy efficiency will result in serious financial savings.  According to the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), every dollar invested in efficiency in low-income homes results in a savings of $2.53.  The United States Department of Energy explains that a typical family spends at least $2,200 a year on utility bills. Through energy efficiency, those bills can be lowered by up to 25% - saving over $500 a year -  through the simple steps outlined in the Energy Saver Guide.  

Who cares?  Some of you dedicated readers are probably wondering why I'm so excited about energy efficiency.  CEP has been an energy efficiency champion since the very early days.  You may be saying, "I changed to CFL's a hundred years ago.  Get with the program CEP!  Energy efficiency is not news!"  We love your enthusiasm, but yes, energy efficiency is still a really big deal!

Here's why:  as Kansas leaders begin work towards Clean Power Plan compliance, energy efficiency is not only getting a backseat in the planning, it's getting left out altogether.  

You can bet that CEP is working diligently to change that, but we need your help.  And, perhaps, you need more info before you take to the streets in support of energy efficiency.  We've got you covered.  Over the next several weeks, I'll focus on energy efficiency in a blog series.  Here's what you can look forward to:
  • The U.S. vs. E.E.E.E.  (Everyone Else's Energy Efficiency): A Global Perspective
  • EEK!  Energy Efficiency in Kansas:  How does Kansas rate nationally for EE?  (hint: not so good!)
  • EE&U: benefits of a long-term commitment to energy efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency key to Health, Wealth, and the Future of the Planet
What else? You tell me what you need to know.  I'll get right on it for you, and for me, and for the future of EE!  

Our work depends on contributions from Kansans like you!  
If you support our work, please...


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