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Getting Involved

4 years ago | May 26, 2015
By: Anita Austin

As my internship with Climate + Energy Project begins to come to an end, I have reflected on the time working with them. I have realized that determined citizens and the partnering organizations can make a difference. I have always followed the issues I care about, but through this opportunity I’ve had the chance to really become involved.

Getting involved is so much more than following issues on the news. Hearing from constituents can sometimes be the deciding factor in government policy. When law makers know that the public has a lot of support or opposition to a bill, it can make a huge difference. I had the chance to help make that connection between people and government during this internship. 

In just the past few months, CEP has delivered post cards to legislators, testified at committee meetings, hosted caucus meetings, and planned a Clean Energy Day at the capitol. All of these events were aimed at showing legislators how much the people of Kansas want a clean energy future. Now when I hear about issues on the news, I know the legislators who are behind the policies, and I know that they have heard from the people who care the most about these topics. The type of outreach that CEP does is extremely valuable for that reason.

This kind of hands-on activism has the potential to create positive change. I’ve really enjoyed the work I’ve done, and the people I’ve met and worked with. It is great to know that so many people care about clean energy and the future of our state.


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  1. Anita's avatar Anita

    Les, I wonder if your comments are in response to the repeal of the RPS? This blog was written before that event. I was personally very disappointed in the outcome.

    It is a shame that our elected officials talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Throughout the session I heard one after the other talk about how they support renewable energy, but we certainly dont see that reflected in legislation.

    There are so many Kansas that care about the environment, I've met lots of them. I'm sure you are one as well. Our task now is to vote out the bad guys.

    #2 – 20 May, 2015 at 9:40 am

  2. Les Blevins's avatar Les Blevins

    It is great to know that so many people care about clean energy and the future of our state. ?? Exactly what state are you talking about? For sure it isn't Kansas. I notice Kansans will talk as if they want clean energy but talk is cheap and they surely don't vote for anyone willing to stand up for clean energy in the Kansas Legislature...

    #1 – 19 May, 2015 at 2:43 pm

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