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CEP approach balanced and successful

4 years ago | Apr 14, 2015
By: Gina Beebe
Working  with the Climate and Energy Project has been a unique experience.   In particular, my undertaking as an intern has offered a completely different exposure to the world of politics than I have ever received, truly changing my perspective. The concepts of neutrality and focusing on the positives are two aspects of working with the CEP at the Capitol that will forever stick with me.  
Seeing and hearing the lobbyist, activist members, and friends of Climate and Energy Project have been very inspiring. To me, they seem to be some of the kindest hearts in Kansas – respectful, friendly, and caring even to those legislators who are unreceptive or even against the policies they support. One day, I was meeting with Rachel Myslivy, and she said something that I thought was very wise and representative of the mission of the CEP. She said that when folks at the Capitol advocating for Clean Energy policies claim that they are "fighting” for Clean Energy policies, it creates a tension, pivoting both sides against each other, instead of working together. I really appreciate this idea, and I truly believe in it we are to create a better world, we have to be open, loving, and respectful to everyone. It is only through compromises and working together that lasting solutions will take place.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with an organization that maintains this kind of philosophy. Finding a political balance that connects people and ideas from both the "left” and the "right” is a delicate task, and the Climate and Energy Project does it in such a way that it is balanced and successful. By listening to and representing the multitude of ideas and opinions from all walks of life in Kansas, Climate and Energy project finds an equilibrium that I believe truly influences the senators and representatives at our state capitol. CEP makes the idea of renewable and clean energy seem attractive to all parties – farmers, politicians, urbanites, and most importantly, the future generation of Kansans. It is my hope that more groups, political or not, can employ a similar outlook and mission.
 The Climate & Energy Project seeks to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in America's Heartland through the ambitious deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy, in policy and practice. CEP strives to:
    • Connect people, organizations, and ideas
    • Ensure that a wide range of voices are represented
    • Facilitate productive, pragmatic, long-term solutions
    • Present balanced facts


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