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Connecting Clean Energy to Public Health in the Greater Kansas City Area.

Kansas Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan sets limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants and calls for investments in clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

KCP&L Energy Efficiency Docket: Changing EE in Kansas

Find out how Kansans have a great opportunity to impact energy efficiency.

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Dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions in through energy efficiency & renewable energy, in policy & practice.

On Our Minds: The CEP Blog
Faith & Public Policy

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in a Faith & Public Policy Forumhosted...

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KS Department of Commerce 2016 Energy Conference

Kansas Energy Conference

By Jamie Hofling

CEP Program Director


The Kansas Department of Commerce...

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More than Just a Docket

Proposed legislation goes through an extensive process before becoming a law in...

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Recycling for Change

I remember in high school when one of my best friends and I were given the highest of...

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