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Dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions in through energy efficiency & renewable energy, in policy & practice.

Clean Energy = Clean Air Coalition

Connecting Clean Energy to Public Health in the Greater Kansas City Area.

Kansas Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan sets limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants and calls for investments in clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

The Climate + Energy Project is on VIMEO!

Watch some great videos featuring Water + Energy Progress Award winners on the Climate + Energy Project Vimeo channel. Learn something new today! ...

On Our Minds: The CEP Blog
KCP&L Westar Merger: Good for Kansas?
The proposed Great Plains Energy (parent company of Kansas City Power & Light) and...
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Announcing the Clean Energy = Clean Air Initiative
We are pleased to report that the Climate + Energy Project received funding from the...
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CEP Announces New Board Leadership

The Climate + Energy Project is excited to announce new board leadership. The CEP...

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EEK! Energy Efficiency in Kansas
How do we rate nationally:  (Hint: not so good)
Thanks to Facebook memories, I’ve...
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